L2 00 Water and laser cutting

Water- and laser cutting

For virtually all material qualities

Water cutting can be used for virtually all material qualities except tempered glass. The method is completely free of thermal stress on the material. The cutting speed depends on the hardness of the material, material thickness and precision requirements. The number of cutting heads in operation depends on the size of the cutting details.

Laser cutting utilizes a laser beam to heat the material to a temperature where it melts or is formed into gas. The temperature can be several thousands of degrees in the cutting zone and the machine’s cutting head moves at a constant speed to achieve a clean cut. The characteristics of laser cutting is high processing speed with extreme precision. Materials that can be processed includes most metals.

Hardware – water cutting

• 2 water cutting machines
with 4 separate cutting heads

Hardware – laser cutting

• Laser cutting machine for up
to 15 mm material thickness
(mild steel)
Capacity – water cutting
• 4 cutting heads on the machines
• Dimensions up to 6700 mm x 4200 mm
• Material thickness up to 200 mm stainless /
300 mm aluminum
• Tolerances down to 1/10 mm
• Holes can be cut down to 1 mm diameter
(depending on material thickness)
• Cutting of brittle materials without risk of
cracking (integrated drilling jig)
Capacity – laser cutting
• Dimensions up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm
• Stainless steel material thickness up to 8 mm
• Mild steel material thickness up to 15 mm
• Holes can be cut with smallest diameter
= 1,5 x material thickness