L2 00 Machining services

Machining services

Specialized in turning and milling

OSO Manufacturing has extensive experience in turning and milling.

At your service we offer an extensive range of machines to be able to serve our customers fast and efficient. We manufacture anything from one-off pieces of machine parts and prototypes to large series of customer specified components.

Machine equipment – CNC milling

  • Nakamura WT 300 MMY – (2-revolve, driven tools, Y axle and short rod magazine)
  • Haas SL40
  • Mazak Super Quick Turn 18
  • Mazak Nexus 350 II MSY – (driven tools, sub-spindle and Y axle)
  • Index C100, 3 stycken – (3-revolve, driven tools, sub spindle, Y axle and 3 m. rod magazine)

Machine equipment – cutting/milling and multi operation machines

  • Haas EC 1600 Horizontal – (800mm controlled 4th axle)
  • Mazak FH 8800 Horizontal – (800mm 2-pallette, index table 0,001 deg.)
  • Mazak H15 Horizontal – (630mm 6-pallette, index table 1 deg.)
  • Haas VF 5 Vertical – (3-axis or 5-axis with trunnion table installed)
  • Mazak Nexus 510 C Vertical – (3-axis)
  • Mazak AJV VertiCal (3-axis)

CAM preparation:
Gibscam, we handle file formats such as tex, dxf-, step-, ipt-, iges and parasolid files.