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About OSO Manufacturing – our history

Information about our company.

OSO Manufacturing AB offers a wide specter of services in machining services, water- & laser cutting, forming & welding and tool manufacturing. OSO Manufacturing has considerable experience with all grades of steel such as Duplex etc. for the offshore industry. Advanced equipment and high capacity enables us to perform all services with a high level of precision and quality.

The company employs 35 highly skilled operators with long experience in machining, forming and welding services for both stainless and mild steel qualities. Quality- and environmental safety is ensured through ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 3834-2 (welding) and ISO 45001 (working environment). OSO Manufacturing is located in Åmål, Sweden, and part of the Norwegian industrial company OSO Hotwater Group.

OSO Hotwater is Europe’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel water heaters and the subsidiary in Åmål delivers components for the group’s highly automated production in Norway. These deliveries provides a solid foundation for OSO Manufacturing, and enables the company to invest in advanced manufacturing equipment. At the same time, the affiliation to the OSO Group provides highly competitive purchase prices on stainless steel – the OSO Group consumes more than 2.000 tons of stainless steel per year. For more information see www.osohotwater.com.

1966 – “ÅVAB Åmåls Verktygsindustri Aktiebolag” is founded, for the purpose of providing machining services and tool manufacturing for local companies.
2005 – Mr. Robert Svanström buys the company, and re-brands it “Svanströms Verktyg AB.”
2007 – Further expansion through the purchase of the company “Niclas Uhrboms Mekaniska AB” (NIMEK).
2010 – The Norwegian industrial group “Artech AS” buys the company.
2012 – Merger of “Svanströms Verktyg AB” and “Linders Allsvets o Montage AB”. The company is re-branded “Artech Manufacturing AB”.
2014 – The Norwegian industrial group “OSO Hotwater Group AS” buys the company. The company is re-branded “OSO Manufacturing AB”.